In the mist of  the native Atlantic Forest lush scenery, in the Serra Gaúcha, with all the infrastructure to ensure the comfort of the participants, the CAIXA DO ELEFANTE CENTRO CULTURAL DE PROJETOS E PESQUISAS proposes two meetings of technical and artistic training guided by living in intense regime of residence intensive.
The meetings were divided into two courses
taught by companies CAIXA DO ELEFANTE Puppets Theater, 05-11 January, and LUMBRA Theatre of Shadows, 24-30 January, in Morro Reuter, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil,  and will cover the Animation Theater actor's practical and theoretical training, integrating awareness of the senses, improving creative of mind and body and contact with nature, providing an experience full of stimulation, emotions and meanings to the participants.

Course 1 -"Doubles of the body", techniques to produce illusory autonomy in inanimate objects, with the company Caixa do Elefante, 05-11 January 2015.
 Course 2 - "Unknown Territories", with Cia Lumbra and Clube da Sombra, 24-30 January 2015.
LOCAL: Espaço de Convívio Artístico Vale Arvoredo- Morro Reuter / RS, near Sta. Maria do Herval, Gramado and Canela.

COURSE 1 - From 05 to 11 January 2015

'Doubles of the body', techniques to produce illusory autonomy in inanimate objects. (10 vacancies). Ministering: Caixa do Elefante Teatro de Bonecos (Mário de Ballentti, Paulo Balardim e Carolina Garcia). Hours: 60h

Programmatic contentThe work will be guided in the  actor's physical training, in order to develop techniques for heating, stretching, coordination and procedures dissociative body.
Based on the knowledge of the body's proprioceptive actor, animation techniques will be studied in order to provoke the illusion of life into it - inanimate object. Among these techniques, and conducting focus of attention, fixed point, the actor's body axis, the axis of the body of the puppet, decoupling of movements, economy of means, triangulation, level / height of the puppet, weight and balance, drawing scores of action , synchronicity voice / movement, energetic qualities, intentionality.
Over the seven days, besides the systematic exercises - which will occupy the entire morning shift, participants should prepare a short scene with the kind of manipulation that will develop, with the accompaniment of ministering.
During the night shift, library and workshop will also be available for research or construction.

Curriculum of the Caixa do Elefante Puppet Theater 
The company started in Porto Alegre, southern Brazil. Founded in 1991, is now one of the most active and most prominent puppet theater companies in the Brazilian national art scene. It's awarded spectacles, both targeted for children and for adults, have travelled many countries in Europe, North and South America, representing and valuing in each one of them, the essence of our true culture. The company presents stories filled with the essence of Latin America puppet theater: popular texts that mix poetry and comedy, presented with technical excellence that involves a delicate work of construction and manipulation of puppets. Over two decades of its existence Caixa do Elefante has accumulated a vast experience in the construction of several puppets, props and scenic scenery, not only for their own performances, but also for other theater companies, television programs, collaborating through workshops, development of public and professional theater.

COURSE 2 - From  24 to 30 January 2015

'Unknown Territories
, techniques and aesthetics in creative art of contemporary shadow theater, with Cia Lumbra Theatre and Clube da Sombra (RS)

vacancies). Ministering: Alexandre Favero and Fabiana Bigarella. Hours: 60h
The course, advanced level, intended for students, professionals and technicians of theater, dance, performance, education, film, lighting andvisual arts.
artistic immersion, the group proposes to focus the investigation of the language of shadow theater as a form, a genre and not just as a mere reproduction of traditional techniques of shadow theater.
have as its starting point the awareness of the senses and body awareness in space perception, darkness, silence and interference by materials that produce images and sounds. The work instigate the participant to create, reflect and find the doubts and questions in a way to enhance further investigations.

General Purpose
Experiencing the processes involved in art and expressiveness of shadow theater.

Specific Objectives

Reflect and exchanging experiences and discoveries;
Perform practical exercises, exercising plastic expressiveness and dramatic shadows with projections, each participant may exercise its concepts, its;
Investigate the language of shadow theater not only as a traditional technique, but as a form, a genre with an artistic and aesthetic expression itself;
- Awake the creative potential, through a processof self-discovery andnew sensations;
-Exercising the theoretical developmentgroundedinpractical experience, qualifying the creative actor to implement their authorial art projects.

Immersion includes daily practical exercises, physical activities and reflective, with work focused on senses awareness and deepen conceptual unfolding to expand and qualify the expressive possibilities and actor's versatility at the scene.

Understandings of the body at the scene, and its aesthetic shadow pregnance visual, narrative potential, technical lighting, graphic symbols and materials are expressive knowledge that intersect during the experience and unfold during the process in which learning takes charge of presenting systematic ways and avoid shortcuts.

Curriculum Cia Theatre Lumbra

Cia Lumbra Theatre is an organized group of artists and theater directors, based in the capital of the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, in Porto Alegre.
Created and coordinated by the researcher, designer and actor / puppeteer Alexandre Favero, since the year 2000, develops, permanently, research and experimentation of advanced playwriting theater animation.
The mounts shows the Company and its projects are always associated with the dissemination of Brazilian culture themes and the experimentalism of the most expressive languages different genres of theater animation.
The repertoire of the Company can realize the fusion of different aesthetic concepts of art, combined with a deepening scientific, philosophical, psychological and deriving the supernatural and the metaphysical, making each show a unique experience to the viewer, whether child or adult.
The result of these theatrical activities promoted and developed by the Company Theatre Lumbra in numerous seasons and other festival of its kind, have enabled a range bigger and more expressive of the public and also in many different media and mediums. In this dynamic of creating and deconstructing concepts in their artworks, the Company has improved its alternative technologies and their method of craftsmanship, transforming ideas into shows, conducting courses in animation theater, casting shadows on the big screen, making movies, videos, concerts, demonstrations, and providing advisory services primarily in daring new experiences.


Investment (EACH COURSE):

R$ 1.100,00 (about $ 483.00). It can be paid in two installments: 50% upon acceptance of enrollment and the remainder for up to 30 days.
The figure includes transfers Porto Alegre - Morro Reuter - Porto Alegre, lodging, meals and materials.

Deadline for submissions: November 20, 2014

How to apply:
Sorting through the curriculum. Send resume and request for enrollment in the desired course: caixadoelefante@gmail.com
Result of selection (accepted) until December 30, 2014.

Tradução do português para inglês
-Double rooms;
-Collective kitchen;
-Library specialized in Puppet Theater (titles in Portuguese, English, French and German) is available for local consultation to the participants during the course;
-Wireless Internet;
-Training and rehearsal room with wood floors and panoramic view;
-Ecological trails, waterfall and river for swimming;
Services included:
-All meals;
-Bed linen, towels;
-Internet access;
-City Tour;
-Displacement Porto Alegre - Morro Reuter - Porto Alegre.

The courses have the support and sponsorship of scholarships Commission for Latin America (CAL) of UNIMA (Union International de la Marionnette)
SCOLARSHIP PROGRAM CAL (Commission for Latin America - UNIMA)  

Will be offered two full scholarships (tickets not included) for each course, only for UNIMA members who quits their annuity.
Those interested should send resume and letter of intent to caixadoelefante@gmail.com with copy for
comision.unima@gmail.com  REQUESTING scolarship.
The selected candidate will only receive the cost of the course after purchasing the ticket to Porto Alegre, by sending a copy of the ticket or locator.

Deadline for submissions: November 20, 2014. Result of selection (accepted) until December 30, 2014.

More information: